About Us


John Payton Consulting is an Atlanta based Business Consulting Firm serving entrepreneurs and investors throughout the United States and Canada. Our mission is to help investors “Preserve Savings and Improve Investment Results Outside the Stock Market”.

Founded in 2004, we have a few simple goals: Match entrepreneurs with some of the fastest growing franchise opportunities in the country and connect investors with highly profitable real estate prospects.

We are experts in researching and purchasing the best franchise systems in America as well as assisting in the initial startup of any business. We have established relationships and systems to assist in all steps of the process.

Real estate is a tangible investment that is far less volatile than stock numbers on a computer screen. When purchased at wholesale rates, efficiently rehabbed and resold at market price, clients significantly improve their investment results.

In either case of operating profitable franchise businesses or managing a portfolio of real estate holdings, purchasing smart is the key. If done correctly, this can provide financial stability in any economic environment.

If preserving your savings and improving your investment results outside the stock market is your goal,  John Payton Consulting is your trusted partner.