9 Steps to Financial Prosperity


1. Make up in your mind that you want to control your own destiny:        Complaining and placing blame regarding your current situation doesn’t change anything. Any sort of physical discomfort causes a physical reaction. The same is true with mental discomfort. When you’re not happy and don’t feel good about where your life is going, realize you can change it. Just make up your mind.
2. Peacefully reflect on what types of things really interest you:
Quiet, peaceful thought allows you to hear yourself without the interference of the outside world. Find that quiet place, relax and allow yourself to hear what makes you happy, what you really like and are interested in. Make a list of these items. There is opportunity to profit in everything that gives you pleasure but you must first find out what that is.
3. Identify what your true and natural skill set is:
We all have gifts. Some of those gifts we were born with, others we have developed over time. What are they? You may be creative, analytical, mechanical or even charismatic. Whatever your talents are, identify them and list them.

4. Research and educate yourself on what the opportunities are that allow you to employ your talents in the area of your interest:
Keep in mind, what you identify might not currently exist and therefore you have found a new niche. This is what your vehicle to the manifestation of your dream looks like. Doing something you’re good at with something that you like and have passion for is a combination made in heaven.

5. Break down and create a step by step list of the action items necessary to take you from where you currently are to your starting point:
Now that you know what you want to do, you need to know how to do it. What information do you need to know about the industry, laws, the market, operations, personnel, financing etc. Creating a list of what you don’t know prepares you to equip yourself with the tools you need to be successful.
6. Diligently work through your list getting the answers and completing the task:
Don’t be surprised that your initial list will generate additional lists but understand there is always more to learn and do. You have now transformed yourself into that which you wanted to be. You have now begun the manifestation of your vision.
7. Operate within the capacity of your newly self-created position:
With the understanding that you now control your own destiny, you must now employ that same energy, enthusiasm, creativity and focus that you gave to your previous employer for yourself. This is not the time to relax and take a casual approach. You wanted to control your own destiny and have created your own lane to do so, now do it. Discipline yourself to achieve the most of every moment you have to work your business. Time, discipline, effort and faith will take you to levels you may have never imagined.
8. Surround yourself with hungry, talented people that are looking for their big break:
They will commit all of their energy to your vision and see your opportunity as their ride to the top. Treat them good and you will have their loyalty and they will give you maximum effort. Treat everyone with dignity and respect because you always benefit from giving a kind word, gesture or compassion to your fellow man.
9. Never lose touch with where you came from:
Speaking of his iconic rise and fall as the head coach of the Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka once said “The same people you see on your way up are the same people you see on your way down but they’re much nicer on the way up”. Stay grounded, humble and realize you couldn’t have done this all by yourself. Create strong, long lasting positive relationships that go beyond purely business. Give back time, money and simply of yourself and your prosperity will continue to increase.