Early Retirement, What’s Next? Acquire A Franchise!

Pre-retirement and retirement years are the golden age for most Americans. Those that have been fortunate enough to maintain their health and put away a nest egg face a number of important decisions. With an active mind and so much time on hand, there is only so much golf, tennis and gardening a person can do. So what now? For those eager to be engaged in a making-my-mix-at-menchies smallbusiness and be their own boss, franchising offers entrepreneurs or semi-retired business people the opportunity to build and grow a business with the benefit of a safe, proven, successful operational system and structure. Capitalizing on a range of skills obtained while working and most importantly a strong work ethic, these entrepreneurs have what it takes to succeed and the ability to recognize the value franchising offers.

A franchise provides new owners with the structure and road map for success. Potential franchisees provide the leadership skills and work ethic to excel within this proven system. Once the decision to purchase a franchise is made, the franchisor provides the franchise owner with a brand name, service standards, training, support, established accounting, inventory, payroll and other business systems for the franchise owner to utilize. For a franchisor, demonstrating the value of that support is essential. It should be clear to the potential owner how the franchise system simplifies administration by providing proven shared business processes such as recruiting, sales management, payroll processing and varying aspects of financial management. These are all areas that a start-up business owner would spend countless hours and resources to develop and to put in place. Business consulting firms such as JPayton Consulting simplify the process and clearly outline every step necessary for a potential franchise owner to get up and running.