JPayton Consulting provides a wide range of services dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors achieve their goals. We conduct a qualitative assessment to identify your business objectives and align those intentions with opportunities in the current environment. With the information we learn from you, we can prescribe quality solutions to achieve those objectives. We will collaborate with you to provide the service, training, planning and/or build the infrastructure necessary to execute your strategy.

JPayton Consulting provides some of the finest Franchise Opportunities in the country. We are eager to assist our clients in taking advantage of obtaining prime locations of some of the fastest growing franchises offered today.

JPayton Consulting has affiliations with top real estate investing organizations around the country. We are able to showcase only the best opportunities for our clients to choose from.

Whether you choose to work with us for your Franchise Consulting or Real Estate Investing, our service focus is on preserving your savings and improving your investment results outside the stock market.